Get your directions to Impact the Nations in,

God’s Word, God’s World, God’s Work & God’s Workplan

Get your true North

When we are following God, most times he will not give us a MAP that has all the fine details of how he wants us to engage our lives in the expansion of His Kingdom. He mostly gives us a general direction so that as follow Him by faith, he fills up the details. He gives us the TRUE NORTH

COMPASS Is an 8 lesson BS guide to help you understand God’s grand purpose by looking at;

  1. God’s Word.
  2. God’s World.
  3. God’s Work.
  4. God’s Workplan.

COMPASS is designed as a guide to help believers understand these aspects of God’s mission in small group setup. It can be done in church cell groups, Christian Union bible studies, Evangelistic team subgroups etc.

Compass Content

God's Word

Is the bible a collection of several unrelated stories or does it have a grand theme that ties it all together?

God's World

Do you know that God desires that the over 7 billion people in over 17,000 people groups today would worship Him? Where are they? How many of these still have no access to the Gospel?

God's Work

What is my purpose? How can I partner with God in His great plan? How can I be involved in fulfilling His greatest desire? Where can I plug in?

God's Work

God’s work plan for transforming Nations has always been through the discipleship process. Are you a true disciple? Do you have the capacity to make disciples as Jesus commanded?

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