What are Mission Awareness Seminars?

The central theme of scripture is God making himself known to all the Nations of the earth. Many believers are not aware of their role in the great plan and purpose of God. Many are not even aware of the existence of unreached people groups. 

MAS are short seminars that are designed to help believers appreciate these truths and opens their eyes to see what God is doing globally. It sets them on the path of playing their role in the fulfilment of the Great Commission. 

MAS takes anything from 2-3 hours, half day, full day, or even two days according to availability and how deep you want to go. 


How do I get MAS done in our church?

We are available to come and facilitate the seminars in any church or fellowship upon request. Simply fill in the form below to request for MAS to run in your church.

What is the content of MAS?

MAS covers the following aspects. 

  1. Biblical basis for mission –  God’s Word
  2. The reality of the unreached people – God’s World
  3. How we can participate in God’s work of reaching all Nations – God’s Work

How much does it cost

We offer MAS for free, but because MCN is a faith ministry, we welcome donations to help cater for transport and logistics, but these are not mandatory. 

Who qualifies to do MAS

Every believer in Jesus who understand either English or Swahili is qualified to do MAS.