The MCN Ministry Internship Program is an opportunity for Angaza graduates to experience practical ministry and develop further their passion for God and His mission, develop spiritual gifts into ministry skills, and experience Christian ministry for one year with a view for long term participation in God’s term mission.

Students joining this internship program have two options;

  1. Mobi Internship – For those that sense a call towards the ministry of mobilization
  2. Go Internship – For those that sense a call to become frontier missionaries
MOBI Internship is a one-year experience in the ministry of mobilization. It incorporates practical ministry, training (formal, non formal, informal), coaching and mentorship to help interns grow in knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be effective and fruitful in serving God in the fulfilment of the Great Commission. 
This program is designed for ANGAZA graduates with a passion to serve God and desire to grow their ministry skills and gifts while serving in discipleship and mobilization for missions to the LRPG.
MOBI Interns are placed in the regional teams of MCN.
  1. Understand the ministry of mobilization
  2. Grow in confidence and skills to mobilize God’s people of varied backgrounds, churches and station in life.
  3. Be able to utilize their spiritual gifts and personal strengths in mobilization.
  4. Grow in godly character and servant leadership
  5. Develop skills for building partnership relationships
  6. Develop creative strategy for long-term involvement
  7. Be able to coordinate a mission-discipleship program
Go-Internship is a one-year cross-cultural field ministry among the Leached Reached Peoples. The objective of the internship is to prepare the potential missionary for long term service by providing opportunity for practical ministry under mentorship by experienced missionaries, be exposed to missionary work, reflect on long term service among the various LRPGs and to discover their gifts and skills for mission.

GO Interns are placed with well trained missionaries, who have already gone through the MCN training pathways, in the frontiers among the Least Reached people groups

  1. Learn the basic language & culture of the people group.
  2. Learn the importance and dynamics of teamwork
  3. Discover identification ministry gifts
  4. Learn effective cross-cultural Communication
  5. Grow a deeper understanding of missionary calling and service.
  6. Gain clarity about long term missionary service.


The MCN Internship program is only open to students who have graduated from Angaza Mission School


Internship is also a major time for students who have an interest in Global Missions to find clarity and hear God as pertains to their long term involvement in the Mission of God. 
Students who finish the program have various options

  1. Apply to become staff of MCN.
  2. Become missionaries in the field – In this case they get to apply through Gen12, our affiliate organization the specializes with sending and member care for field missionaries.
  3. Serve God with other ministries and mission organizations. 
  4. Serve God’s Mission in the marketplace.